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Center-Based Day Services

Day Services  Services for People with Disabilities  ODC

ODC Day Services will help you achieve your highest level of independence and quality of life by exploring interests, learning skills, building confidence and discovering available resources. Activities take place in the community and/or ODC’s centers, in small groups or with one-to-one support.

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Activities and programs take place primarily in ODC’s centers. Daily community-based activities are also incorporated to enhance independence, learning and skill building. 

  • Activities and programs include fitness and wellness, art, cooking, money and budgeting, music, travel, reading, life skills, hobby development, social and interpersonal skills, and awareness of community resources.
  • Each of the activities and programs have a specific purpose and goal. The programs are engaging, and facilitated to meet your interests as you increase self-confidence, independence, knowledge, health and well-being. 
  • You choose your day’s adventure - program descriptions are provided so you can decide what to experience each day.
Day Services  Services for People with Disabilities  ODC