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Cheese Liners

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Improve yield & profit with cheese liners from ODC!

ODC has served the dairy industry for over 30 years, providing the most durable hardboard box liners made today. Our tough hardboard liners minimize scrap in cut and wrap operations by keeping blocks square as they age.

We manufacture the liners in our Marshfield, Wisconsin facility.

Specifications -

  • V-Grooved hinges maximize corner strength and hold block corners square while aging
  • Blocks stack straight and square on a pallet, minimizing potential loss due to shifting or buckling
  • Designed for automated or hand-wrap operations
  • Available 500 per pallet, 1000 per pallet, or 1500 per pallet
  • Deflection and adhesion tested
  • Competitively priced
  • USDA approved materials
  • Competitive freight rates available
  • No wood splinters or other particulates
  • AIB certified facility
  • Custom Artisan sizes available
  • Samples available upon request
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