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Community Day Services

Services for People with Disabilities, commuity connect  ODC

ODC Day Services will help you achieve your highest level of independence and quality of life by exploring interests, learning skills, building confidence and discovering available resources. Activities take place in the community and/or ODC’s centers, in small groups or with one-to-one support.

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Activities take place in the community. You will:

  • Explore places and activities within your community that are of interest to you while improving your decision-making, problem-solving and social skills.
  • Make connections with others who share your interests.
  • Become a more active citizen in your community by volunteering or participating in club / group activities.
  • Improve your skills for independent work, whether you are currently employed in the community or taking steps toward your community employment goal.
  • Increase your independent living skills.
  • Learn and practice techniques to keep you safe in the community.

For some individuals, ODC’s center will be the location from which the day begins and ends. Individuals may also return to ODC for lunch and / or to address personal care needs.

Services for People with Disabilities, commuity connect  ODC