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Hear What Employers Have To Say

Services for People with Disabilities  ODC
  • “ODC made me feel so comfortable in voicing any concerns that I had, and reassured me that there were no questions that I couldn’t ask. All of our staff agreed that there were things we wished we had time to do, but those things never got done. So we hired an ODC candidate... her attitude is contagious! She comes to work every day with so much excitement and happiness! She has a thirst for knowledge, and a willingness to learn and try new things. She is a perfect fit!”

    - Megan Schlinsog | Store Leader, Kwik Trip

  • “My wish is that every employer really consider working with ODC. It has been a wonderful experience for my company, and the person we hired has integrated perfectly into our business. ODC doesn’t walk away after the hire... they stay with the employee for as long as needed to make sure everyone is successful.”

    - Matt Berrier | Owner, Associated Sales & Leasing

  • “Welcome ODC candidates, and don’t be afraid of the word ‘disability’. ODC workers are very dedicated; they care a lot about what they do, and they will care about your company. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.”

    - John Benbow | Manager, Manilla Gorilla


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