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Meeting Your Hiring Needs

Services for People with Disabilities  ODC

Good employees are getting harder to find, but we have a no-cost solution! ODC has more than 50 years of employment and training experience, and we can find you the qualified, dedicated candidates you’re searching for. We take the time to understand your business and your culture, and find you that “perfect fit”!

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What can ODC do to help your business?

  • We assess your business’ work flow, and discover your unmet needs.
  • We identify cost-saving tips that allow your “critical” employees to focus on their jobs by filling your gaps with qualified candidates.
  • We find out what YOU need, and match qualified candidates with your needs… no searching websites or conducting extensive interviews to find that “perfect” candidate.
  • All of these services are AT NO COST TO YOU!

We provide support to you and your employee!

  • We assist with the hiring process and human resources tasks.
  • We save you time and money by assisting with initial and ongoing training for your employee.
  • Our job coaches provide long-term support for those who need it. Whether it’s “checking in” periodically or coaching your employee through their shift, we make sure your needs are being met.
  • There is NO COST TO YOU for these services, even if the employee is on your payroll!
Services for People with Disabilities  ODC

“ODC candidates have been some of the best associates we have ever hired! They come to work smiling, happy to be here... they show up on time and they do a great job. They not only fill a position, but they bring a spirit with them that is really contagious to the rest of your employees. If you are considering hiring through ODC, I would say, ‘You absolutely need to do it!’”

- Cory Latourell, General Manager at Hotel Marshfield