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Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services  ODC

Supporting adults, adolescents and children through recovery from mental health and/or substance abuse disorders. For more information or help, contact Tonya Callahan, Mental Health Services Director at 715-570-8345 or

ODC’s Mental Health Services are provided in collaboration with your county’s Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) program. Contact your county’s human services department to request services.

How Can We Help?

  • By offering one-to-one support as YOU determine and direct your recovery and symptom management plans and goals.
  • By working in coordination with your “recovery team”, which may include physicians and therapists, family and other household members, friends, employers and county case managers.
  • By helping you to overcome or manage your disease and symptoms, and to make informed, healthy choices that support your physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • By supporting meaningful daily activities such as work, school, volunteering, recreation, and caring for your home and family.
  • By helping you connect to relationships and social networks that provide support, friendship and love.
  • By providing services that are strength-based and person-centered, offering you hope, guidance and support as you direct your own recovery.

Services That Center Around You!

  • We travel to wherever you need us... home, work, school or anywhere in the community.
  • Sessions are flexible to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle.
  • We provide discreet and confidential services that meet the highest ethical and professional standards.