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A Chance at Community Employment
RapidAir – 2018 ODC Marshfield Area Employer of the Year

01/14/2019 10:01Author Emily Marino

What is normal, anyway?

How many times in the lives of people with disabilities or mental health struggles were they considered “not normal”? I would guess more times than they would like to count.

I received an email from Stacy, one of the owners of RapidAir, and she had titled it, “What is normal, anyway?” She said, “Why can’t people be normal, like Darryl? He’s my rock star!”

Darryl is an ODC candidate that was hired by RapidAir. When I asked Stacy what he does that makes him a “rock star”, she said simply, “He gladly comes to work, strives to do his best every day, is attentive to details and has mastered the skills of the job he does. No one else could do the job as well as he does. Aren’t those the qualities we would all want in an employee?”

These are not just words that Stacy said because she knows I work at ODC. These are words that mirror the work environment at RapidAir in a powerful and meaningful way.

For over two years, RapidAir has employed two people who were working in ODC’s center, who wanted the opportunity to have employment in a community setting. RapidAir staff have set them up with an independent work area, worked with them to train on the specific skills needed for the job, and broken down tasks to make them easier to follow and understand. They have allowed these individuals the freedom to do their job and have helped when needed through constructive feedback.

RapidAir was willing to open the doors of their rapidly growing business and employ two people who just wanted a chance at community employment. Stacy has said numerous times that their company has been bettered by employing these two young men. This is a business that has a record of employing people who just need a chance and an opportunity to show they can contribute positively to the mission of the work. The owners are amazing people with the gift of helping individuals find their way and become successful, growing personally and professionally each day.

Thank you, RapidAir, for shedding a positive light on what “normal” really is!

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