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A deLIGHTful Day

10/30/2019 10:10Author Stephany Hartman

A chill in the air didn’t stop the Marshfield Project Search students from volunteering their morning at the Marshfield Rotary Winter Wonderland. Students broke into teams to decorate large trees, small bushes and everything in between. They were very proud of their teamwork and impressed with what they accomplished, all while having fun!

ODC’s Danielle Nystrom is chairperson for this year’s Marshfield Rotary Winter Wonderland.

“It’s important for our Project Search students to learn about giving back to the community,” said Danielle. “This day gave them an opportunity to take a break from their classroom work and internships and practice teambuilding and communication while getting one of the big sections of the park decorated with Christmas lights. It will be extra special for them to walk through Winter Wonderland this year and show their families what they’ve accomplished together.”

The day wasn’t, however, all about twinkling lights. Students were also treated to lunch and a tour of Prevention Genetics, a DNA testing lab in Marshfield. There they learned about testing DNA samples for abnormalities that may “light up” during testing, and how the tests are designed to tell lab technicians where to look further.

I guess you could say these Marshfield Project Search students had a pretty “deLIGHTful” day!

(Located at Wildwood Zoo, the Marshfield Rotary Winter Wonderland includes animated displays, a Santa’s Village, Nativity scenes, a “Gingerbread Jamz” series featuring live acoustic music and more than 1.5 million lights. Over the past 12 years, Winder Wonderland has donated over 560,000 items to local food pantries. Proceeds from the event also provide funding to support many local non-profit organizations.)