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A Fond Farewell
Jessiah Treichel - 2017 ODC Personal Achievement Award Nominee

12/14/2017 10:12Author Dennis Page & Leisa Pratt

Jessiah just recently said “good-bye” to ODC, as he retired this fall after 14 years. He participated in ODC’s center-based services in Wisconsin Rapids and was part of a volunteer group that assisted at The Neighborhood Table, which provides free meals to community members in need.

Volunteering brought out the best in Jessiah. He worked hard and was the “muscle” of the group when tables needed to be set up and ready to go for meal time. Cleaning had never been Jessiah’s favorite task, but you never would have known when you saw him in action!

When Jessiah said good-bye, ODC staff and employees came together to bid him a fond farewell. Good luck, Jessiah, in whatever this new chapter of your new life brings!

Congratulations, Jessiah, on your nomination for ODC’s 2017 Personal Achievement Award!