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A Holistic Approach

10/05/2017 11:10Author Jennifer Blum

Nicole was only 13 years old when an accident caused her spinal cord injury. Despite her doctors’ prognosis, she was determined to gain back some strength and movement... so she decided to add alternative therapies like healing touch, acupuncture and massage to the more traditional modes of physical therapy. 

Now, 10 years later, Nicole has had success in bringing back some movement and function. She has also found her calling as a certified hypnotherapist at Back to Bliss Center for Wellness in Colby. 

“Since my injury, I knew that I wanted do something in the holistic field,” said Nicole. “Then I found an opportunity for a holistic wellness practitioner degree, and hypnotherapy was part of the curriculum. It just came naturally to me.” 

When it came time for Nicole to seek employment, she needed a little assistance... and that’s where ODC entered the picture. With support from the Department of Workforce Development - Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), ODC staff assisted her in finding the “perfect job”, one that suits her to a tee. 

“Nicole is amazing,” said Monica Groth, owner of Back to Bliss, which has centers in Marshfield and Wausau as well. “I’m so glad we found her through ODC... she’s “our kind of people”! 

“She’s our first hypnotherapist,” said Monica, “so we’re learning with her. We didn’t know much about the field but it’s fast becoming more mainstream. After Nicole finished her temporary work experience with us, we knew we needed to make this hire happen because she’s fantastic!” 

Nicole came up with a name for her service – she calls it “Massage for Your Mind”. During the 45-minute session, clients experience very deep relaxation and stress relief with Nicole as their guide. 

Back to Bliss has also hired another member of their team through ODC: Trinity, who works as a laundry aide. Trinity is supported full-time by an ODC job coach. 

“I feel like diversity is so important,” said Monica. “You can see it in the workplace, how it changes people. It’s also important for the community to see diversity, because many people are not familiar with anyone who is not like them. Now our staff doesn’t look at Nicole as a person with a disability – she’s just Nicole.” “It’s great to have an organization like ODC that supports that diversity,” she said. “We couldn’t have Trinity here without her job coach because I don’t have the time to provide that support. Because of ODC, we are allowed to have this wonderful diversity in our building.”