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A Job to Love
Copps Food Center ? 2016 Wisconsin Rapids Area Employer of the Year

01/11/2017 11:01Author Christina Eberhardt & Joan Korger

Much like ODC, Copps Food Center has been a part of our community for over 50 years. Just one of the ways that this organization shows its commitment to the community is through their support of ODC. Not only do they work with ODC to hire employees that fit their needs, they work closely with each individual to help them achieve success.

So we asked those employees… “What does your job mean to you?”

“My job means I get to exercise and be in the community,” said Walter, Copps’ most recent hire. “It gives me something to do and stay busy. I like bagging and collecting carts and meeting new people.”

“It’s a place to come and work and be happy!” said Eddie, with a huge smile on his face. “I like working with different kinds of people.”

Nick, who has worked at Copps for over a year, said, “I like to help out the customers. I’ve been able to buy my own things now with a job. I love talking and working with my co-workers.”

Emily, a Project Search graduate, said, “It means working and helping people, and meeting new people.”

Paula said, “I love my job! I love working there and meeting new people. I just love it all at Copps!”

Do you catch a theme in those quotes? They love meeting new people, and getting to work with different kinds of people.

This is what ODC’s community employment program is all about! These men and women are active in their community, meeting new people, gaining confidence and becoming independent!

Please join us in congratulating Copps Food Center as the recipient of ODC’s 2016 Wisconsin Rapids Area Employer of the Year award!