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A Part of the Team
Casey Tiffany - 2016 ODC Personal Achievement Award Nominee

11/30/2016 10:11Author Jennifer Blum

Casey came to ODC right out of high school, a quiet, shy young man who was quite unsure of himself. That has most certainly changed…

Within 10 months, after training at ODC’s facility and developing a strong work ethic, Casey began working in the community as a part of small group work crews. As his skills and self-confidence grew, he explored community employment opportunities, including a work trial washing and cleaning vehicles at 8th Street Auto.

Casey was ultimately hired at the dealership and now works five days per week. His co-workers enjoy having him as part of the team… Casey’s 8th Street Auto “family” recently celebrated his birthday with a cake and presents!  

Casey’s drive to become more independent – and to eventually have his own apartment – motivated him to be the best he can be in both work and life. In September, Casey reached that personal goal, and is now living independently in a place of his own.

Congratulations, Casey, on your nomination for ODC’s 2016 Personal Achievement Award!