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A positive attitude, a positive influence...
2018 Marshfield Personal Achievement Award Recipient

11/26/2018 10:11Author Mary Blanchard

When Skyler Slark first came to Marshfield’s Project SEARCH program at Marshfield Medical Center in September 2015, he had little confidence or self-esteem and not much hope for the future. Over the last three years, Skyler has truly grown up. He has taken every opportunity he’s been given and made the most of it. With a change in his attitude and an incredible work ethic and open-mindedness, he has turned his life around.

In 2016, Skyler was hired by the very hospital that had provided him internships during his year with Project SEARCH, in the Environmental Services Department (EVS) where those internships took place. When he started the job, he was very unsure of himself and needed a great deal of direction and support from his job coach and supervisor. But according to his supervisor, Skyler has grown so much in the last two years that he has become one of their most dependable and independent team members. He has a positive attitude and influence at work, always with a smile.

Skyler consistently pushes himself to do the best work possible. After work, Skyler has also “stepped up” and become an incredible help and support at home, always there for his mother and grandparents. In 2017, Skyler’s mother had a debilitating accident and head injury that left her with disabilities; she says, “Skyler has been a life-saver, and I don’t know what I would do without all of his help!” Skyler has developed such understanding and compassion, and has been a huge support for his grandparents during their recent health issues as well.  He’s often selfless, and with his kind and caring heart puts his family first to make their days better.

Skyler has matured, and now has the confidence to deal effectively and professionally in the fast-paced medical environment at Marshfield Medical Center.  He has embraced his coworkers with a willingness to serve, and he works each day to bring a positive attitude to his job. Skyler has become a “breath of fresh air and an inspiration” to his family and his coworkers in a very appreciative EVS department. Because of the changes he’s made, the compassion he shows, and the positive influence he has both at home and at work, I was honored to present Skyler with the 2018 Marshfield Area Personal Achievement Award!

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