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A Real Stand-Out!
Ben Tauschek - 2016 ODC Personal Achievement Award Recipient

12/15/2016 08:12Author Jennifer Blum

“What can I do next?”

Those are words that are often heard from Ben by his employers and those for whom he volunteers. And everyone agrees… Ben is a real stand-out!

Ben has worked at Hillers True Value for 20 years with, as Ben’s joke goes, “another 80 to go!” According to Phil and Jill Hiller, he always goes above and beyond expectations despite several barriers related to his autism. He has a positive, strong work ethic, stays focused and works diligently on all of his duties, even tending to those outside of his responsibilities without being asked.

Everyone agrees that Ben also has a big heart! He volunteers at St. John’s Catholic Church and the Marshfield Public Library, where Rob Schultz, Circulation Services Supervisor, supervises his activities. According to Schultz, Ben donated his time just about every day as the library moved to its new location.

“Ben scrubbed shelves until they looked like different shelves,” said Schultz. “He toiled away in the basement for hours! He did all of the hard work that needed doing and then asked, ‘What can I do next?’”

“It means a lot to see people like Ben who show appreciation of the library with the valuable gift of time… their gift of work,” said Schultz. “Ben is a valuable member of the Marshfield community.”

Congratulations, Ben, on receiving ODC’s 2016 Personal Achievement Award!