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A Way of Life
Anytime Fitness – 2018 ODC Partnership Award Recipient

12/18/2018 01:12Author Ann Lepak

It all started when Anytime Fitness came to Wisconsin Rapids more than six years ago.

What started as a hire at one gym with one worker in Wisconsin Rapids turned into hires at four gyms with four workers in Wisconsin Rapids, Marshfield, Stevens Point and Plover. Countless other individuals with disabilities have been given the opportunity for employment, tours, informational interviews, job shadowing and short-term, temporary work experiences within the Anytime Fitness locations, owned and operated by a great group of people. 

There’s Jamie in Weston, who ask me regularly if we’ve found an ODC candidate to fill her position. When her previous ODC hire was having trouble finding a way to get to and from work, Jamie offered to give him rides on a daily basis. 

There’s Jazz in Plover, who despite the first ODC employee not being a good fit, continued to work with ODC and wait for the right candidate to fill his needs. I think he’s pretty happy these days. 

There’s Holly in Wisconsin Rapids, who found out her team member’s car broke down in the dead of winter in the middle of a snow storm. Her employee walked across town to get to work, cold and snow-covered. Holly graciously gave him a ride home, and offered to help him pick up his car from the mechanic once it was fixed. He definitely took her up on that offer. 

There’s Emily, who started in Wisconsin Rapids but is now a district manager. She was very instrumental in helping to create task lists based on individuals’ skills and abilities and sharing with the other locations.  She has always provided open and honest feedback and any support needed. Emily recently told me that working with ODC makes the jobs of other Anytime Fitness staff easier. She went on to say that her employee and ODC have become a part of the Anytime Fitness family, and help them to provide the best experience possible for their members.

There’s Elliot, who is vice president of operations. Elliot reaches out to ODC whenever he has a need he thinks ODC can fill. He also trusts in our partnership and empowers ODC and the club managers to work together on a local level to provide as many opportunities as possible. When I recently thanked Elliot for their great support, he said, “We try to do what we can to help impact as many lives as we can.”

Then there’s James, Anytime Fitness owner and what I call the “silent partner”. I’ve only met and talked to James a couple of times over the past six years, but he is truly the one that has allowed all of this to happen in all of the clubs.

We are still working to fill opportunities in Weston, Waupaca and Rhinelander. As this team opens additional locations, they reach out to ODC to help fill their needs. I really can’t say enough about the ENTIRE Anytime Fitness team… they go above and beyond to ensure the success of all of their team members. Although some of the faces have changed over the years, the environment has not.  Whether you are a member, staff person or visitor, EVERYONE is treated with respect and is part of the family.  It is simply a way of life at Anytime Fitness.

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