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Another Hire for a Project SEARCH Graduate!

10/11/2016 11:10Author Jennifer Blum

Why is Aaron grinning from ear to ear? He is now employed at St. John Primary School in Marshfield, working in the building and grounds department! Another reason? He is a parishioner at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, and has known Father Samuel Martin since he was a child.

“When Aaron graduated from Project SEARCH in 2016, he invited Father Martin to the ceremony,” said Aaron’s mother, Becky. “Father Martin didn’t know about Project SEARCH, and was so impressed with how excited the graduates were and what they had accomplished! He said, ‘Everyone should have to come and see this!’ He was just in awe.”

“When Father Martin offered Aaron a job,” she said, “there was a grin from ear to ear! Now, when he gets that paycheck, it really makes him feel good that he’s earned his own money.”

“Hats off to you guys!” said Becky.

We say, “Hats off to Aaron!”

About Project SEARCH: Project SEARCH is a high school transitional program for young adults with disabilities. Students spend their last year of high school in an internship program at a business location, focusing entirely on work and independent life readiness. Project SEARCH was developed by Nurse J. Erin Riehle of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.