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Arie is “ace-ing” it!
2018 Wisconsin Rapids Personal Achievement Award Recipient

11/15/2018 01:11Author Christina Tierney

Arie previously worked and lived in Wisconsin Rapids. When his living arrangements changed somewhat abruptly, he found himself living in Adams. Arie had to quit a long-standing job at Schierl Tire, and found himself with a lot of time on his hands in a brand new community, with brand new people.

Arie quickly became his own advocate. He was so eager to work that he was out in the community, looking to see which businesses were hiring and asking for applications. He said his number one choice would be Ace Hardware, since he has an interest in their products and really enjoys interacting with customers. He landed that job, and has been “ace-ing” it ever since!

While Arie has many duties, he really excels in customer service. He has gotten to know many of his regular customers and often has their regular orders ready to go before they even make the purchase! The store manager boasts that Arie brings in the most tips… if the customer insists, they accept and pool the money for their “donut fund”. It seems that each Saturday Arie works, they have enough in the fund to buy donuts for employees!

Connections and relationships with others in his new community are important to Arie as well. As soon as he moved, Arie attended “drop-in” hours at Friendship Connections. When the building burned to the ground, he was eager to assist with fundraising events that helped to speed the rebuild process along. Now that they have reopened, he attends as much as his work schedule will allow.

It was my great pleasure to honor Arie Reinke with ODC’s 2018 Wisconsin Rapids Area Personal Achievement Award. I am honored to have worked with Arie. His persistence and perseverance in rebuilding his work and community life in a new city has been nothing but extraordinary.

Congratulations, Arie!

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