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Brand New Year, Brand New Opportunities!

01/18/2017 02:01Author Jennifer Blum

When ODC and Community Industries Corporation (CIC) became one organization on January 1st, not much changed that would be noticeable to the average community member. Yes, there is now an even larger group of dedicated staff working to support our mission… but our work continues, as always, and we are excited to come together as a team that now also serves the Stevens Point and Wausau areas.  

All of us will be working to continue the exceptional programming now offered in those communities… like our agency’s contract to provide laundry services for the Portage County Health Care Center in Stevens Point. In 2008, CIC began employing individuals with disabilities, like Joan, to provide those services for health care center residents.   

Marcia McDonald, Portage County Health Care Center Administrator, is pleased about the new ODC / CIC partnership.

“I’m very passionate about working with your agency,” said Marcia. “The collaborative efforts have been exceptional. Your energy and vision… there has been nothing other than, ‘Yes, let’s make this program great!”