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Celebrating our 2016 Marshfield Employers
Marshfield & Northwoods Region Employer Appreciation Luncheon

05/01/2017 12:05Author Lynn Haefer & Miranda Gregory

In March, ODC’s Employment Services team celebrated our Marshfield and Northwoods area employers at an annual Employer Appreciation Luncheon.

We recall a time, not so long ago, when people with disabilities were not acknowledged as members of society and community-based employment was unheard of. And even now, people with disabilities are often not offered the same opportunities as those who are not disabled.

But the businesses who partner with ODC are changing that. Together we are helping change how people with disabilities are perceived and treated. As we change individual hearts and minds, that slowly changes communities. And over time, that changes society.

We thank each of the Marshfield and Northwoods area businesses who have partnered with ODC to provide people with the opportunity to succeed. Without them we could not fulfill our mission of empowering people with disabilities to achieve their work and life goals.

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