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Connecting... One Stitch at a Time

04/10/2018 01:04Author Heather Bailey & Jessica Spray

It all started in January 2018 when Paula Weber, ODC’s Service Coordinator created a Facebook group – Paula’s Block Exchange. Paula, a quilter in her personal time, had this great idea to create a worldwide quilt block exchange via Facebook and wanted to involve ODC’s Day Service Travel Club to join in on the fun!

How does Paula’s Block Exchange work? Any quilter from anywhere in the world can join this private Facebook group, they just need to send a request to the group. The quilter then provides their home address and email. Once accepted into the group other group members see that information and can send the quilter a quilt block with their name and their location written on the fabric quilt block, along with a little bio about the quilter themselves. In return, the recipient of the block sends a quilt block and bio back. Unlike other quilt block exchange groups, there are no size or content restrictions, which makes it fun and unique!

With assistance from Paula’s coworkers, Jessica Spray, ODC Day Service Coordinator and Karen Roach, ODC Support Specialist, the staff formulated a plan and in just three months, the Travel Club received 15 quilt squares. In turn, the group has sent their own quilt blocks back to eight different parts of the world… and counting!

Each time the group receives a new block, they research the location the quilter and block are from and send any information that they found interesting about the area back to the quilter, as well as a new block that Day Services participants have created. Amazingly, the group has already researched and become “pen-pals” with quilters from New York, Kentucky, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, England and even Sweden!

The Travel Club, which meets every Wednesday afternoon, is always very excited to see what new mail they have received, especially from different parts of the world! A huge thank you to those quilters who have sent the Travel Club quilt blocks, so far! The connections they have made are priceless!

Interested in participating in the ODC Day Services quilt project? The group would love to connect with you!

  • To join the Facebook group, Paula's Block Exchange, please CLICK HERE to start the exchange!
  • To donate quilting fabric to the project, please contact Jessica Spray at 715-818-6445 or by email: jspray@odcinc.com.