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Dressed for Success!

12/19/2016 01:12Author Jennifer Blum

This sharp-dressed man is Wes, who trains full-time at ODC. But ODC’s goal is to not only connect individuals with work opportunities, but with the people, places and activities that make life more fulfilling… the “outside of work” part of our lives.

So Wes is volunteering at Columbus Catholic High School through ODC’s CommunityConnect experience. Wes has had little experience with his community outside of family activities, so he and his parents were all a little nervous. But this volunteer opportunity was a good first step, and Wes has taken it very seriously… so much so that he wears a dress shirt and tie to his weekly visits there!

Wes is learning some new skills as he tries different volunteer activities within Columbus, including helping with mailings, facing books in the library and cleaning trophy cases that no one EVER has time to clean. Needless to say, school employees have totally embraced Wes – they love having him there!