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Exploring Our Community – A Trip on the SS Storis

10/20/2016 07:10Author Community Exploration Group

Last week, the Community Exploration Group, a part of ODC’s Day Services, had a guest speaker – Chuck Newman. The group was able to go on an "adventure” with Chuck, while he recounted his service with the U.S. Coast Guard. Here is their account:

Chuck is a Korean War veteran that served in the U.S. Coast Guard on the SS Storis. He told us a lot of interesting facts – how they lived on the ship, what they ate and the day-to-day duties they performed.

Chuck also showed us the route they took out of New York, down around the U.S. and up to Alaska (between Alaska and Russia). He pointed out the place where the ship encountered a U-boat! The route continued up and around the Arctic Circle, around the North Pole and back to New York.

Chuck also told us about the equipment and guns on the ship and how they used them.

It wasn’t all work and no play… the crew on the ship did have some fun playing pranks on each other.

At the end, Chuck told us about the Never Forgotten – Honor Flight he went on last month, and shared pictures of the Washington, D.C. memorials.

It was an educational experience to have Chuck present to us. We’d like to thank Chuck for his service, and for taking time to present to our group.

“Exploring Our Community” is a blog series written by the Community Exploration Group, a part of ODC’s Day Services. If your business would like to give a tour or presentation to ODC’s Community Exploration Group, please contact Chris Nemitz, Special Services Director at 715-818-6440 or chris@odcinc.com.

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