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Exploring Our Community - SWC Airport Adventure

09/22/2016 09:09Author Community Exploration Group

Last week, the Community Exploration Group, a part of ODC’s Day Services, went to visit the South Wood County Airport – Alexander Field. The group decided to take over the ODC blog to report on their visit, in a new blog series called, “Exploring Our Community”. This is their account:

"On Wednesday September 14, we went to the airport for a tour. Jeremy Sickler, airport manager, showed us the inside of the terminal, the tarmac, landing strips and the hangars.

There happened to be a couple of planes on the tarmac that day, one eight-passenger, twin propeller, plane and one larger twin-engine jet. The jet was the largest sized plane this airport could handle. While we were admiring the jet, Henry, the pilot, came out and talked to us about it. He explained that it can hold enough fuel to fly from here to Japan without having to refuel. The jet can travel at a speed of 600 mph. It could also get from Wisconsin Rapids to Chicago in 45 minutes.

The smaller plane flies at 250 mph and doesn’t hold nearly as much fuel as the jet. This one took off while we were there watching.

Jeremy is the manager and the only on-site employee. He mows the lawns, fuels the jets, plows the runways and anything else that needs to be done. He does hire help for plowing when snow gets heavy. It is a lot of responsibility for one person, but he handles it well.

Thank you to Jeremy and Henry for sharing all your information with us. It was such an informative experience."

If your business would like to give a tour to ODC’s Community Exploration Group, please contact Chris Nemitz, Special Services Director at 715-818-6440 or chris@odcinc.com.

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