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Focus on Ability
Dawn Hollar - 2016 ODC Personal Achievement Award Nominee

11/21/2016 09:11Author Jennifer Blum

In 1979, when she was just 10 years old, Dawn was diagnosed with a stage 3 brain tumor. The cancer was ultimately cured, but it left Dawn with significant cognitive disabilities.

This year, Dawn celebrated 25 years of service at St. Joseph’s Hospital’s Food and Nutrition department. She is known for her incredibly strong work ethic, her dependability, and her willingness to always put the department and her co-worker’s needs first.

Dawn also gives selflessly to causes she supports, including fundraising for Relay for Life and the National Traumatic Brain Injury Association. She has been an active volunteer at St. Joseph’s Hospital for 21 years as well.

Throughout the years, Dawn has worked hard to overcome each barrier she encountered. She has given to her St. Joseph’s family and her community with passion and enthusiasm. Every day, Dawn has focused on her ability, not her disability.

Congratulations, Dawn, on your nomination for ODC’s 2016 Personal Achievement Award!