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Giving Back
Giving Back

10/07/2019 02:10Author Stephany Hartman

The Wisconsin Rapids Family Center does important work. Serving Wood County, they offer shelter and support services to victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. ODC’s CommunityConnect program has built a relationship with The Family Center to mutually benefit both parties.

“This is a great, great partnership”, says Deb Cleworth, Community Relations/Fund Development Manager at The Family Center. “We enjoy having the ODC volunteers here. Their help with projects are important time-saving measures for our employees. We have a lot of confidential information here, and we know we can put that information in one location for our ODC volunteers to shred.”

In addition to the shredding, volunteers sanitize children’s toys and surfaces in the visitor center.

What do the volunteers get in return? Volunteer opportunities at non-profit organizations help them explore areas that interest them, build a resume, develop work skills and “try out” jobs. They meet new people, get to know their community and leave with the knowledge that they’ve “given back”.

Thanks to The Family Center for supporting and contributing to ODC’s vision: communities strengthened and enriched by the abilities and contributions of all members.