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Goodwill’s Achiever of the Month!

02/27/2017 10:02Author Holly Skinner, Goodwill Marshfield

Ryan has always been a star participant in Goodwill’s on-the-job training program. He’s dedicated, organized and a hard worker. He’s a real team player, and we are delighted and honored to announce Ryan as our Achiever of the Month for March 2017!

Ryan had some significant personal struggles back in 2003, which led him to ODC. There, he found support with his job search and was offered a training position at the Marshfield Goodwill Retail Store and Training Center. Since that time, he has become an integral part of our Goodwill family, always coming to work with a pleasant attitude and fully committed to working hard to meet the production goals for the day. In January, our store team leader was pleased to offer Ryan a part-time permanent position with Goodwill as our opening maintenance person.

Ryan now has a unique position with Goodwill, where he is both a team member and a program participant, splitting his time between the two positions. Ryan comes in early each morning and works hard to keep our store nice and clean for our customers, and he continues to work hard pulling and ticketing new goods along with other tasks that need attention.    

Ryan has accomplished so much in the last 14 years, and continues to grow and develop every day as new challenges are placed before him. On behalf of our entire team, we are excited to recognize Ryan as our Achiever of the Month for March 2017!