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Hat’s off to Bill!

11/06/2018 01:11Author BJ Bowers

Bill works at Ascension St. Michael’s Hospital (SMH) collecting confidential papers throughout the hospital to be shredded. He is outgoing, greeting staff and everyone he meets. 

SMH has been under construction while building the Hope Center, remodeling/renovating and updating departments. There are many contractors in and out of the building, but Bill made a special connection with Pete from Tweet-Garot Mechanical.

Bill would greet Pete, and soon it went from “Hello” and “How are you?” to conversations about Bill’s weekend, sports news and current events. One day, Pete told Bill that he was the hardest working guy in the building, and asked why didn’t he wear a hard hat like the rest of the crew. Of course, Bill didn’t have a hard hat… soon, Pete gave Bill an official Tweet-Garot hard hat with his name on front and “the hardest working guy” on the back!

Bill wore his hard hat to work every day. When Pete saw him wear it in the hot summer, he gave Bill a baseball cap with the company logo.

Bill loves his hard hat and used it as a part of his Halloween costume this year, dressing up as a construction worker (with roommates and family dressing as the rest of the Village People).

We’re so proud of this “hardest working guy”. Hat’s off to Bill!