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His Life’s Work

02/25/2019 09:02Author Sue Gustke

Celebrating retirement is a bittersweet affair. Thus is was with Tom, who celebrated his retirement from ODC and community employment on February 20th.

Tom was an integral part of the ODC team for well over 10 years. He also worked in a variety of community jobs; having been raised on a farm, he preferred physical labor and working with his hands. Most recently, he enjoyed a job at Berryland Farms in Marshfield, tending to the horses and picking apples in the fall. He also did janitorial work with K&C Cleaning.  

When physical jobs became increasing difficult, Tom decided it was time to enjoyed the relaxed life of retirement. He is excited about being able to do some fishing in the summer, and to volunteer at the local pet shelter whenever he pleases.

Congratulations, Tom! You have worked hard all of your life, and this retirement is well-deserved!