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Honoring Their Journeys
2018 Marshfield Area Personal Achievement Award Nominees

11/15/2018 01:11Author Jennifer Blum

When ODC”s committee comes together each year to review the Personal Achievement Award nominations that we’ve received and choose a recipient, it is an unbelievably daunting task and one not taken lightly.

While each nominee is at a different place in their individual journey, there are special things that bind them together: the increased confidence and independence we’ve witnessed, the skills they’ve developed, and the sense of pride and accomplishment that makes them, and us, smile.

This year’s nominees included:

  • Matthew Dolan, who is exceling in ODC’s center-based training program while overcoming significant barriers to employment.
  • John Gillis, who is working at Scotty’s Pizza.
  • Krystal Keding, who is celebrating five years as a Kwik Trip team member.
  • Luke Krause, who “loves” his work at Applebee’s and Marshfield Scrap!

Congratulations to our nominees! May you continue to grow both personally and professionally… we appreciate and applaud your contributions to our community!

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