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I Can!
Mark Peters - 2017 ODC Personal Achievement Award Nominee

12/07/2017 09:12Author Paula Weber & Monica Barnhart

Mark began participating in ODC services 30 years ago… and he holds ODC in his heart as a big part of his life in many ways. The following is what his family has to say:

“ODC has become the center of Mark’s life over the last 30 years. The organization has taught Mark one thing – ‘I can!’

Through ODC, Mark has developed work and social skills that have enriched his life. He has become comfortable working with others and trying new tasks. He has ventured out into the community by volunteering, which has taught him that new experiences, though scary, can be very rewarding and fulfilling growth experiences.

The support offered by ODC has allowed and encouraged Mark to become a productive, social member of our community.”

Bob and Sandi Peters 

Congratulations, Mark, on your nomination for ODC’s 2017 Personal Achievement Award!