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It's Not Just About the Dough...

05/15/2017 10:05Author Jennifer Blum

Our Stevens Point Day Services group was recently invited to Polito’s Pizza on Main Street to witness the work of a pizza maker extraordinaire! Owner Kevin Polito treated his guests to a real show… he can do amazing things with pizza dough! After watching him work his magic, the group had pizza for breakfast – what could be better!

In addition to being a generous host, Kevin also employs an individual through ODC employment services. Nick (center) has worked at Polito’s for seven months with Kevin (right) and Phil Johnson (left), general manager. When asked what he loves most about his job, Nick says “the free pizza!”

According to Phil, Nick is just a great guy and really good employee.

“He’s always really positive at work,” said Phil. “He loves to talk with the customers and ask them how they like their pizza – then he tells them how much he likes it, too!”