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Making a Big Impact
A Project SEARCH Success Story

06/04/2018 12:06Author Jennifer Blum

Jordanah made a big announcement at her recent Marshfield Project SEARCH graduation ceremony… she was graduating with a job! Just before graduation day, Jordanah had accepted a position at ABC Child Care Center – and she was the perfect fit. Her dad (right) was verging on tears as he congratulated her after the ceremony.

Tonya Glamann, Director of Bright Horizons Child Care Center at Marshfield Clinic Health Systems, had been one of Jordanah’s supervisors during her Project SEARCH internship rotation in that department. Tonya spoke to Jordanah in a presentation at the graduation ceremony:

“I am honored to share the profound impact that Jordanah has had on our facility during her time with us. Although a little timid and shy, Jordanah’s beautiful smile speaks a thousand words each day as she enters the center. Her commitment to engaging with the children and supporting the classroom routine was next to none. Engaging in table talk with the kids during breakfast, offering gentle reminders, recognizing needs and encouraging self-initiation, were just a few of her strengths. She fell in love with one of our preschool classes, so much so that she wanted to do a second internship at the center. We were extremely humbled to hear how happy she was with her experience with us, and were honored to support her through this opportunity.

Jordanah, I am so proud of your hard work, your dedication and work ethic, and the love and attention you provided so many little ones that looked up to you! You were a role model for those children and I know they learned so much from you. I hope you were able to gain the experiences, the skills and the relationships you hoped for. You may be quiet, but your impact is grand. Thank you for being an important part of our center, and you will always be a member of our preschool team! Best of luck in all you do!” 

Congratulations, Jordanah, on all of your accomplishments!