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Mark on a Mission!
Mark Estreen - 2016 ODC Personal Achievement Award Nominee

11/01/2016 12:11Author Jennifer Blum

Mark has trained at ODC’s facility for 17 years. Despite many challenges, including anxiety and significant health issues, he has set his sights on community employment.

To that end, Mark is participating in classroom work at ODC, to learn what his interests are and where his skills lie. He has also done hands-on training at a Weiler Convenience Store and, with the support of an ODC job coach, earned a Certificate of Competency as a “retail helper” from Mid-State Technical College.  He is an active volunteer, delivering flowers and meals to the elderly, and cleaning up his local park. He leads a cooking class at ODC, and helps to ensure that everyone in the class has the chance to participate.

Mark’s work experiences at ODC continue – he is known there as “all-around helpful guy” who is always eager to lend a hand. He also fills in as an “on-call” man at the Weiler store when needs arise.

Good luck, Mark… and congratulations on your nomination for ODC’s 2016 Personal Achievement Award!