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Moving on Up(Town)
Moving on Up(Town)

09/27/2019 11:09Author Stephany Hartman

ODC participant Nathan “Buck” is moving on to Uptown Coffee Company. Buck had worked at ODC since he graduated high school. He and his employment coordinator worked together on career exploration for over a year, during which he completed temporary work experiences at Spencer School District and Festival Foods. His supervisors at both locations were impressed with Buck's skills and growth.

Former ODC employee Vicky, together with her husband John, recently opened a new Marshfield coffee shop, Uptown Coffee. They used ODC's Milkweed Market to create their business signs and Ink Splash to print all of their t-shirts, and they knew they wanted to partner with ODC's employment team. Buck was someone Vicky remembered and a few weeks after opening, they brought Buck on as a Barista Assistant. Buck is tasked with making sure the dishes are all washed, filling the coffee creamers and syrups, sweeping the floors, washing the windows, and most importantly delivering orders to the customers. Buck picked up on the tasks very quickly and is an important part of the team!

Buck, congratulations from all of us at ODC, and many thanks to owners Vicky and John for not hesitating to offer Buck a job!