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One Step at a Time
Barb Christner - 2016 ODC Personal Achievement Award Nominee

11/15/2016 11:11Author Jennifer Blum

Barb has participated in ODC’s supported employment services since 1998, when she started working at Hillers True Value. After 17 years, she made the decision to search for a new job... but her strong propensity for structure and sameness made that search more challenging.

Throughout her job search journey, ODC staff challenged Barb to consider where she could be flexible, taking one step at a time. Staff partnered with her to “shadow” workers at different places of employment, helping her weigh her options. She did hands-on training at a Weiler Convenience Store and, with the support of an ODC job coach, earned a Certificate of Competency as a “retail helper” from Mid-State Technical College.

By taking one step at a time, trusting guidance from ODC and her support team, trying new things and making her own decisions, Barb was able to find a new job that she loves - she is now employed at Pick’n Save! If you find yourself in the checkout line, you’re guaranteed to be greeted with a friendly smile and a reminder to “come back again soon!”

Congratulations, Barb, on your nomination for ODC’s 2016 Personal Achievement Award!