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One Step at a Time
Vicky Van Beek – 2017 ODC Personal Achievement Award Nominee

12/04/2017 11:12Author Greg Weiler & Stacey Schultz

When Vicky joined ODC two years ago, she made the decision to challenge herself to gain physical strength… she would no longer be using her wheelchair. She came to ODC that first day with a walker; then, one year later, she arrived with no walker at all, standing straight with a proud expression on her face.

Vicky started smiling more, and feeling more confident about what she could do. With the support of DVR, she successfully completed work trial at Hotel Marshfield where, unlike most of us, she loved doing the laundry! Together with ODC staff, she continues to look for community employment opportunities.

She challenged herself to gain personal strength as well. She has found her voice and has more confidence in expressing her own ideas. She joined an ODC CommunityConnect Sampler Platter group, which has given her opportunities to form new friendships and explore her community. She has chosen to be part of an upcoming statewide Self-Determination Conference for people with disabilities, in an effort to become a stronger and more productive self-advocate.

For the past year, Vicky has also been an ODC CommunityConnect volunteer at the Family Shelter in Marshfield. Her first task is the most important – greeting and interacting with all the residents – and then she moves on to prepping rooms for new guests and cooking meals. Vicky never sits in judgement of those who are at the shelter. Perhaps she sees herself in them… people trying to improve their lives, one step at a time.

Congratulations, Vicky, on your nomination for ODC’s 2017 Personal Achievement Award!