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So much to celebrate!
Marshfield Project SEARCH Class of 2018

05/22/2018 01:05Author Jennifer Blum

This year’s Marshfield Project SEARCH graduating class has so much to celebrate! They’ve been through a year of intensive work readiness training at Marshfield Clinic Health Systems, both classroom job preparation and internships throughout the clinic’s departments with support from ODC, the Marshfield School District and DVR. They have earned their Project SEARCH certificates of completion and their high school diplomas. Many of the interns had retained community jobs even before graduation!

Anne Dick (far right), a Marshfield School District instructor dedicated to Project SEARCH, addressed the graduating class at their ceremony last Friday with these final words:

“At the beginning of the year, I told you that this was going to be the fastest year of your life. You seemed very skeptical at first. I asked you to trust me in helping you to prepare for a job and your future.

Here we are, nine months gone by. How quickly that went, and all I want now is for time to slow down. I want more time with each one of you but that would be selfish of me, as you have grown so much and are ready to take the next steps towards your future. 

Airika, you have come so far. I’m so impressed at how independent you are and what you have accomplished.

Alex, I’ll never forget the moment when I realized how much you had changed by taking pride in the work that you do.

Ariel, I’m going to miss you asking me how I am doing every day… and sometimes more than once a day! You care about the people around you.

Ashley, every time I took a picture, it was always a perfect photo with your unforgettable smile!

Cali, you pushed yourself to work harder and faster in every internship. You embraced every opportunity that came your way and made the most of every moment.

Gabie, you’re an inspiration to so many people. You pushed yourself to reach new goals and you continued to challenge yourself.

Jordanah, I’m proud of all the extra work you have put into your internships and the extra classes you’ve taken to further your education. 

Paul, I appreciate how you would help others when they needed it, without anyone asking. I will miss your honesty and sense of humor.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and I hope to see you again soon.”

As you can imagine, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

 Congratulations to the Marshfield Project SEARCH class of 2018!