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Thanks for all that you do!

08/01/2019 01:08Author Jennifer Blum

We are proud to share a great message from the SWEPS food pantry in Wisconsin Rapids… to everyone involved, “way to go”!

Hey ODC,

Dale from SWEPS Food Pantry here. Just wanted to drop a note and let you know we really appreciate the work ODC has been doing here at the pantry.

On Tuesdays, Tony has been a huge blessing. He now knows so many jobs inside and out that he has started taking ownership of them. It's great to see how he has grown and takes to new things. I like how he readily he interacts with our other volunteers. He is definitely a great part of our team!

The group that volunteers on Wednesdays has been amazing. Even with slight turnover to new people, it always goes SO well. Frankie, your ODC job coach, is nothing shy of amazing!! It is a joy to watch her work with the guys - she does such a great job with them. 

And the guys… wow. A real highlight to the day. They are so funny. They get so much done, and have really acclimated to their work. They continually prove to be a big blessing in so many ways. Those who have "graduated" on to other employment opportunities still stay in touch, and that is wonderful for us.

Thanks again for all you guys do for us. We truly appreciate it and don't say it enough.

Dale Davis, Operations Manager

SWEPS Food Pantry