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The Key to Success
2018 Wisconsin Rapids Area Employer of the Year Award

12/04/2018 02:12Author Jennifer Blum

Arborwood Lodge and Arborview Court, part of Crystal Fountains Assisted Living, have been working with ODC employment services for over eight years. There are currently nine individuals employed at the two facilities; through the years, there have been 19 individuals hired in their kitchens or in janitorial positions.

These organizations’ caring staff recognize the need for providing meaningful employment for individuals who may not be able to do all the tasks required in a job description. As individuals with disabilities are learning their jobs, there is often a longer learning curve and the staff have been accepting of this, providing encouragement as well as tips to make their work more efficient.

Arborwood and Arborview have been key employers in 2018, allowing ODC to use their locations for temporary work experiences that help our staff assess the skills of the individuals we are working with - there have been eight of these work experiences so far this year. It is so important to give individuals the opportunity to learn what it’s like to work in a kitchen or to do janitorial work, and to decide if this type of work is a good fit for them.

Staff at Arborwood and Arborview have taken people under her wing, helping them grow as employees and as individuals. The very first person who was hired at Arborwood struggled quite a bit during the first few years but came into his own with their encouragement. He has now gotten married and has a child, all things that he never thought he could do. These staff were instrumental in his life, by helping him to realize that he was an excellent worker and person.

Thanks so much to both organizations for their support of the individuals that ODC serves! We were honored to present them with our 2018 Wisconsin Rapids Area Employer of the Year Award!

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