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The Power of the Human Spirit
ODC 2016 Personal Achievement Awards

10/27/2016 10:10Author Jennifer Blum

Each year, ODC honors individuals with disabilities who have overcome significant barriers and achieved outstanding personal goals in the workplace and the community. The nominees and recipients of these awards truly demonstrate the power of the human spirit, many times in the face of incredible odds.

For the next few weeks, we will be sharing the stories of each of the individuals nominated for the award, and the three who will be receiving this honor. ODC will be celebrating with the nominees and recipients at an annual banquet, to be held on December 8th. The banquet will also honor our Employers of the Year and Partner of the Year… stay tuned for their stories as well!

At ODC, we celebrate the thousands of accomplishments, both large and small, that we witness each year. By keeping our focus on ability - on what people can do, what they want to do, and how we can help them get there - we will continue to provide the opportunity, training and support individuals need to contribute to the workplace and the community.

Please read along with us, and help us congratulate our 2016 nominees and award recipients!