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What a Rockin’ Team!

05/05/2017 02:05Author Jen Pelot

ODC’s Career Exploration service is not just about exploring jobs in our communities! It’s about learning to work together as a team, and about being respectful to others… just as we must do in the workplace.   

One of ODC’s Career Exploration groups recently met with the goal of working as a team. Teamwork isn’t just about working together physically… it’s also about listening to each other’s ideas as well as communicating your own wants and needs.

The group was given various building supplies and asked to build a bridge that would withstand the weight of rocks. They had to use quiet voices, include each group member and be respectful. The group quickly realized that working with three other people was not as easy as just doing the task themselves!

Each group member contributed their idea, then the group had to determine which idea they would follow or how to combine ideas. After several attempts, they were able to successfully build a bridge which held 82 rocks!

Yay, team!