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Whistle While You Work

12/21/2016 09:12Author Jennifer Blum

Have you ever seen two people look so happy to be cleaning?

That’s typical of these two individuals, who are volunteering at Hope Lodge in Marshfield as part of their CommunityConnect experience with ODC. Luke (right), who works at Marshfield Scrap, just LOVES to clean, and he is building his skills while helping to keep this “lodge” for adults receiving cancer treatment spotless.

Nathan (left) has been hesitant to journey into the world of community employment, so volunteering is the perfect opportunity for both he and the ODC employment team to learn where his interests and skills lie.

Hope Lodge is set up much like a hotel, so CommunityConnect participants who currently work in the hotel industry – or want to pursue that career – can use this volunteer opportunity to learn new skills and build on those they already have.