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With a Smile on Her Face
Amara Ryan - 2016 ODC Personal Achievement Award Nominee

11/10/2016 01:11Author Jennifer Blum

In November 2014, Amara came to ODC a bit shy and unsure. Just six months earlier, her mother had passed away and she had moved from her home in Florida to Wisconsin, to live with her father and step-mother.

This must have been a huge adjustment for Amara, but you could barely tell by the way her positive spirit shined through each day. Amara participated in a number of training opportunities at ODC’s facility before quickly realizing her abilities and showing an interest in working and contributing to her new community.

In January 2015, Amara was hired to do custodial work at two Wisconsin Rapids Fire Department stations. She takes great pride in her work and has developed some great relationships with the staff at each station. Within four short months of her hire, Amara also moved into her own apartment, began traveling independently by cab, and joined ODC’s CommunityConnect service where she volunteers and participates in community activities.

Amara’s step-mother delights in Amara’s progress, having “watched her mature and grow into a confident young woman.” She goes on to explain that Amara “doesn’t hesitate to tell everyone and anyone that she works with those ‘hunky’ fireman, and we have witnessed their patience and kindness with her. Needless to say, she loves her job!”

Congratulations, Amara, on your nomination for ODC’s 2016 Personal Achievement Award!