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Community Day Aide - Multiple Locations Open

Summary of Position

Facility: Stevens Point and Marshfield
Status: Part-time

ODC is hiring one Community Day Aide in each of the following locations: Stevens Point and Marshfield.*The wage for this position is $13.50 per hour*Community Day Aides are responsible for providing the necessary support and personal assistance needed for individuals to actively engage in activities that enhance citizenship both in the facility and the community.

Application Deadline: OPEN

Apply Today

Education & Experience

High School graduate. One (1) year of experience working with persons with disabilities or in a nursing or home health care position. Can be as a volunteer or familiar experience. Two (2) years of work experience. This position requires pre-employment and annual background checks. This position may be subject to “fit for duty” evaluations.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities / Essential Functions

**The following is a listing of representative examples of duties for this position; it is not considered to be a complete listing of all duties and responsibilities for the position.

  • Ability to provide assistance according to individual needs.
  • Work cooperatively with others.
  • Maintain a professional image while working at community sites. (see Code of Ethics)
  • Work cooperatively with Employment Staff to maintain and establish job/volunteer sites (when applicable).
  • Possess awareness of realistic work expectations regarding quality of work, and appropriate work behaviors.
  • Communicate with staff at community sites.
  • Work a flexible schedule – some evening hours and occasional weekend work (when applicable).
  • Perform creative problem solving as needs arise for individual in house or in the community.
  • Perform personal care in a discreet, respectful manner (i.e.; toileting, eating, mobility, behaviors).
  • Follow behavioral support and medical contingency plans for individuals.
  • Document and provide feedback on individual outcomes, strategies for achieving outcomes, and current status.
  • Observe and document information for individuals (ie: outcomes, seizure activity, critical incidents, etc.)
  • Ability to understand and follow written directions, plans, and procedures.
  • Support individuals in Day Services/CDS by providing life enhancing activities that incorporate daily living skills, community and social awareness, and leisure, recreational and educational activities.
  • Provide assistance during emergency procedures and takes responsibility for getting individuals to safe area.
  • Support individual to achieve their work and life goals.
  • Complete first aid, CPR and CPI training and certification if requested to.
  • Responsible for daily transportation.
  • All other duties as assigned.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to facilitate, initiate and respond to verbal, written, computerized, telephone and fax communications. Requires capability to visually see and hear to respond quickly to individuals and situations.
  • Ability to demonstrate, train and/or model job tasks/duties/responsibilities.
  • Ability to visually see and physically perform quality inspection according to ODC’s and/or customer’s requirements.
  • Mobility to access various locations within/outside ODC facilities.
  • Ability to learn and utilize training provided to safely provide personal care including but not limited to lifting, transferring, and feeding.
  • Physical ability to prevent an individual from harming themselves, harming others. This can include becoming involved in a crisis intervention procedure that would involve physical intervention and participation by you.  Ability to pursue and prevent individuals from eloping; ability to physically stop an individual from throwing objects, hitting, or otherwise attacking other individuals.  Ability to complete training regarding these procedures and ability to physically perform intervention procedures and techniques.
  • Must be able to push, carry or lift up to 50 lbs frequently – and up to 100 lbs occasionally. For wheeled devices, must be able to push up to 250 lbs occasionally.
  • Physical ability to lift, utilize lift devices, support or transfer adults, male/female when assisting with toileting or personal care area such as a shower seat. Weights of individuals will vary as will personal care approaches and techniques. Must possess ability to follow training procedures and methods for lifting, supporting, and transferring.    
  • Ability to stoop, stand, pivot, twist, and lift over head.

Reports to:

Community Day Site Manager

Responsible for:

No other staff