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CommunityLife™ empowers people to achieve their goals in both work and life. Together, we discover individual’s interests and abilities, explore options for employment and other activities, and make the connections that lead to new opportunities. CommunityLife includes both CommunityConnect and CareerConnect.

Community plays an important role in everyone’s life. CommunityConnect is all about exploring interests, learning skills and building confidence while becoming more involved in the community.

CommunityConnect includes -

  • Sampler Platter – exploring places and activities within the community while improving decision-making, problem-solving and social skills.
  • Career Exploration – visiting area businesses and organizations to explore jobs in the community while learning the skills that will help individuals get and keep a job.
  • Volunteering – learning and practicing work skills while volunteering at non-profit organizations.
  • Personal Discovery – exploring career interests and practicing the skills needed for the job.

Activities take place in the community and are designed around each person’s needs and interests. With support in real-life situations, people experience increased independence and confidence while expanding their community connections and using their gifts and talents to contribute to the community.