A Good Read
Book Club

02/12/2020 09:02Author Holly Bronk

What do you do on a cold winter day? How about a good read?

ODC’s Day Services participants in Stevens Point recently started their very own book club!  They visit the Portage County Library every Friday to pick out a new book for the group to read, and they also get the accompanying movie of the book. The group reads a section of the book together, then watches that section of the movie.  Afterward, they use words that were associated with the topic in their most current book to play an exciting game of “hangman”. 

The group has finished three books, the first of which was “The Wizard of Oz”; the second, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Their third book, as you can see, was “Stuart Little”.

Fun… and educational, too! Just another great example of the “activities with a purpose” that are the foundation of ODC’s Day Services programs.