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Alyssa - advocating and teaching her peers
Making the best of COVID-19

12/09/2020 11:12Author Stephany Hartman

“I am so grateful for all the help and support I have received from ODC. In this time, they have helped me to also attend many online classes, which is really helpful when I am not able to leave my house and go many places. I appreciate all the ways they worked with me and believe in me. I am so excited to see what the future holds.”

This was the message ODC participant Alyssa shared recently at an all employee zoom. What a wonderful, uplifting message for ODC employees to hear during these uncertain times. We know that COVID-19 is affecting each one of us…

“Because of COVID-19 I had to leave my job at the Portage County Healthcare Center because I am high risk. This is a very sad decision but I am so glad that my job coach helped me through this process. I am so thankful that ODC gave me a job and an opportunity to work online helping to lead classes as a self-advocate leader,” Alyssa said.

At the start of the pandemic ODC responded quickly and started offering virtual classes. Alyssa is one of the 100 participants receiving virtual services and she is teaching a class to her peers.

Alyssa said, “As a self-advocate leader, I help teach others to advocate for themselves. I really enjoy helping other people to advocate for their needs and to be more confident and successful in developing their skills and having independence in themselves.

Alyssa started with ODC as a 2018-2019 Project SEARCH student and has grown in many ways since then.

Congratulations Alyssa for being a great example of perseverance and making the best of COVID-19 by teaching and helping others. We are proud you are part of the ODC team!

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