Curbside Drop-off Food Drive for SWEPS
Saturdays at ODC

04/22/2020 11:04Author Stephany Hartman

9:00 a.m. – 12 p.m.


Saturday, April 25

Saturday, May 2

Saturday, May 9

Saturday, May 16


ODC, 1191 Huntington Avenue, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

During these uncertain times, ODC continues to serve our participants and we want to help others in the community. If you are able, please participate in the ODC Curbside Drop-Off Food Drive to benefit SWEPS, our local food pantry. Please take the time to read the details and follow the guidelines.

ITEMS NEEDED (most needed noted with *)

Peanut Butter, Cereal, *Jelly, Oatmeal, Coffee, Pancake Mix, Tea, Brown Rice, *Canned Veggies, White Rice, *Soup, *Crackers, Pork & Beans, *Ramen, Tuna, *Mac & Cheese, Canned Meat, Hamburger Helper, *Spaghetti Sauce, *Spaghetti Noodles, *Tomato Products, *Dry pasta, *Dish Soap, Shampoo, *Laundry Soap, Conditioner, *Toilet Paper, Toothpaste

  • This is a great time to clean your cupboards/pantry, please note the item details below.
  • Do not make a special trip to the grocery store for items. Add them to your “scheduled” grocery store trip/pick-up/delivery.
  • Items should be non-expired, non-opened, no home processed foods (home canned items not allowed), non-perishable, no temperature sensitive (nothing that needs refrigeration or is frozen)

Staff will be on site to help direct

  • Use the ODC main parking lot entrance (same as the Milkweed Market entrance, East entrance).
  • Pull up along the sidewalk (parallel).
  • Place your items on the pallet on the sidewalk (no person-to-person contact)
  • Get back in your vehicle and depart through West entrance.