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Giving Thanks!
Feeling Grateful

11/25/2020 11:11Author Stephany Hartman

Giving Thanks!

“I truly believe that without the support of ODC I would not have my job right now. I just want to say thanks for everything.  It means the world!”

ODC participant, Chelsey, wrote an amazing thank you note to ODC and we wanted to share her experiences with you. We also reached out to Chelsey’s employer and they had such great compliments for Chelsey. Everyone is feeling grateful with Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Chelsey has been with DVR since high school and in November 2019 was able to find part-time employment in the community. But she still wanted more.

“I feel like I didn’t hit the mark until working with ODC and Eric. ODC covers a wider area and the short few years I worked with them I had loads more interviews, job trials, and job shadows.”

It didn’t take long to find the right fit…Mason Companies Inc.

“In most interviews prior I felt companies did not look at me for what I could do. They just saw my disability. I could tell right away, Mason Companies, Inc. was different, they saw my skills and abilities. They saw me, for me….they knew I could be a great value to their company."

Chelsey was hired as a seasonal employee and then was offered a permanent part-time position to start in April. Unfortunately, the stay-at-home order delayed her start. She started in June 2020.

“I am loving it.  Every day I feel like my abilities are being put to good use and my supervisors constantly remind not only me, but also all of their employees, how essential we are to the company…. I am really grateful to Eric and ODC.  In my experience with ODC, Eric went above and beyond to help me find the right fit for a job.”

Mason Companies is very happy to have Chelsey as an employee. One of Chelsey’s’ supervisors, Tammy, said, “Chelsey is an inspiration to us all, she is here on time, very friendly, and upbeat, never complains about anything, and always has a smile on her face, she helps customers to the best of her ability. Businesses in the world should have more Chelsey’s working for them.”

Thank you Mason Companies Inc. for choosing to #hireability, and congratulations Chelsey. It was an honor working with you!