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Providing Input for an Accessible Summer

04/04/2018 09:04Author Stacey Schultz

On Wednesday, March 21st, Sara and Nikki, representatives of the River Riders Bike Share program, visited ODC to survey people for this summer's bike program. 

They are helping launch a city-wide bike program where 30 bicycles will be available for community members to use. There will also be 6 accessible bikes to choose from.

They came to ODC to ask people two questions:

1. What type of accessible bike would they most likely use if available a) a side by side bike, b) a tryke, or c) a handcycle. Most people surveyed at ODC said they would prefer the side by side bike. 

2. Where would people like the bikes to be located? They could choose up to six locations. Some of the favorites were the YMCA, West Grand Quality Foods, and the library. The group also proposed additional locations to the presenters.

People were happy to answer the survey questions and even more excited to get a free t-shirt! There was a lot of good discussion about why people voted for the side by side bike over a tryke. People often said they'd feel more comfortable if riding with someone. People were also excited to hear that they could pick up a bike at one location and drop it off somehwere else across town. Many people in ODC's CommunityConnect group said they look forward to having a way to get more connected to their community by being able to get around town more easily. 

A big thank you to Sara and Nikki for letting us share our input for this very exciting new opportunity for our community.